The Untz Fest 2017

Small, but clean

Well, let me just say that this was by far one of the cleanest and smallest festivals I have been to. If you love the idea of taking a shower for free and being clean all weekend at a festival, you are going to love the Untz.

It started out as a shit show for us because we didn’t get there till 11 at night. We were bummed that we missed some music, and the fact that we were going to have to find a place to camp in the dark. Well, as soon as we got there everyone was rad and gave us a free car camping pass. Ya. We were stoked. Thank you Untz team for making are night turn around into a good one. It was well organized and we could actually sleep with the camping being away from the music stages at night.

Yoga and Healing

This festival didn’t have as much yoga and workshops as I was hoping for, but the meditation classes I took were very relaxing and eye opening. The class I took was sound healing. It was nice cause it was in a shaded tent. (Below)19401100_1359328510786883_582792035_o.jpg

Let me just say it was so beautiful and easy to meditate in a place like this.

During the day it got up to about 100 degrees, but with the festival being sponsored by Suja, we got free cold juice all the time. SCORE. Who doesn’t love $9 unlimited free cold pressed juice!!!19401174_1359328360786898_1848588440_o.jpgThe artwork and stages were beautiful. Especially when it was lit up at night. Here are some of the pictures I took..

The Untz was defiantly a success! I had a blast and it was worth the money. It was organized very well, and the artist that played were dope. I hope to go back next year for sure!!

         – The Festy Girl


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