Festy Outfit #1

I love shopping online from different rave and festival websites. I have been buying from Iheartraves forever and seriously love their products. Some stuff I have bought have been a hit or miss, but overall they defff make it possible to complete a cute outfit. Most of the clothing in this outfit will be from www.iheartraves.com

Much love to them!

Sexy in black 

Leg-Wraps-Black-SIDE.jpg “Non-slip Leg Wraps in black”

They don’t sell these shoes on Iheartraves but you can find them on other sites or just top it off with some high top vans. 

metallic-rave-shorts-black-front_1_grande.jpeg“Metallic rave booty shorts in black”

draped-hoodie-top-black-front_1.jpeg “Draped hoodie top in black”

cross-spectrum-blue_grande.jpg “Pastease spectrum blue cross pasties”

These look so cute underneath the hooded top. If this feels to showy, you could also wear a mesh bralette underneath the hooded top.

glitter_hollagirl_spread_grande.jpgLunautics glitter in Holla Gurl”

I love chunky rave glitter. This can be purchased on Iheartraves. This glitter is so beautiful and looks best spread out with gel on the cheekbones and under the eye. Glitter is so fun to experiment with and completes the look! 

Hope you liked this outfit loves! Keep in touch for more! ðŸ’œ 

Oh! and follow my Insta ðŸ’•: @thefestygirl 

***If you want my discount code for iheartraves just DM me on instagram 😊


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